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Tired of Up and Down Sales Reports?

Do you want predictable, consistent results—every quarter, every month, every day?


Do you stress about making cold calls?

No Pressure Prospecting

Thursday, July 19 | 2:30-4:30 pm

You Don’t Have To Like Prospecting, You Just Have To Do It!

Most salespeople hate prospecting for one of two reasons:
They don't have a system, or their system doesn't work. If this sounds familiar, this workshop is for you.


Professional Advantage

Business Development Fast-Track

Friday, July 20, 2018 | 8:30 am-4:30 pm | REGISTER
Includes lunch & free 8-week audit of the SalesMastery class

Training for the Dentist, Office Manager, & Treatment Coordinator who handle case closings.

Your business operations probably revolve around systems, processes, and principles—but do you use any of these for new business development? You may not be as comfortable, competent, or consistent ‘selling’ your services as you are delivering them.

Control the sales process

Sales Fast-Track

Shorten sales cycles & increase revenue

Thursday, August 2, 2018 | 8:30 am-4:30 pm | REGISTER
Includes lunch & free 8-week audit of the SalesMastery class

The re-requisite to the Sandler SalesMastery Program

This one-day Sales Fast-Track class delivers the core principles of the Sandler Sales System, a proven, integrity-based system that shortens sales cycles, improves questioning techniques, and increases revenue.

Sandler Training Helps Video Production Company

Tuesday is My Favorite Day

"On Tuesday morning, I go to Sandler Training and work on my Sales Process. As a class, we work through our sales challenges together. Lewis always has a curriculum to take us through. Each time I take away something new that I can implementing on new sales calls right away. It helps refocus me for the rest of the week."

Thanks to Plum Productions for sharing their Sandler story and producing this creative video. Reach them at 561.800.2105. 

Strategic Management Program

Great Teams Start with Great Managers

Managers Wear Many Hats
Supervisor, Coach, Trainer, Mentor

Being a good manager means feeling confident when dealing with employees, handling conflict, creating change, and motivating people.

Fill your sales pipeline

What is Sandler Training?

Often times I’m asked what Is Sandler Training? What do you guys do? We’re experts in sales, sales management, and strategic customer care. But today, I want to focus on sales or business development.