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Mission Admission

Rehabilitation Centers - 23 million* Americans are struggling with addiction.


How can you help?

Family and friends hurt watching someone they love suffer from addiction. They realize their loved one is in trouble but not sure how to help. When the time comes and they seek help, is your staff asking the right questions to secure admission?


*The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency estimates that over 23 million Americans (age 12 and older) are addicted to alcohol and other drugs.

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The 5 biggest customer service mistakes that cost you money

  • Giving too much free information to people who are just “shopping around”
  • Lacking the questioning and qualifying skills to identify all of the patient’s or family’s needs
  • Failing to answer the phone promptly or struggling with what to say
  • Missing the full opportunity or solution
  • Struggling to develop referrals

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