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Let’s talk about pain. We sales professionals know that selling can sometimes be painful. But is pain an inherent and necessary component in selling or rather is it self-induced? Is the ‘hope’ of securing new business also the driver to our pain?

Our Sandler Success story features Andy Crowley from Air Compressor Works.

Andy began his sales career selling with ‘hope’; “I flew by the seat of my pants” he explained to me one morning. Andy took every new inquiry thinking any sale is a sale. He excitedly walked into the customer’s office but he was empty handed. No agenda. No understanding of customer needs. No awareness of competition. No presentation. No nothing. It was a quick quote followed by ‘voicemail jail’. Leave a message. Leave a message. No return calls. Hope in selling can cause pain.

In his desire to grow, Andy recognized his system wasn’t working. Through Sandler Training he learned about the value of a process for prospecting, conducting and closing a successful contract. Andy became more strategic and focused. Rather than the process taking more time he realized being well-informed and prepared shortened the sales cycle.

The Sandler process involves pain but in a unique way. It’s knowing the customer’s pain points; why are they calling, who is the company and what do they think they need? Researching the situation makes the in-person meeting more productive. It turns a surface conversation into a deeper dive, demonstrating that you understand their business while establishing your own expertise and your company’s products. It’s solving a problem.

Which brings us to Andy’s success. On this call the potential client informed Andy his competitor quoted 25% less and he would not pay a penny more. Andy listened to this customer but did not reduce his price. After disqualifying himself the real conversation began. Conversations about machine failure, lost revenue and the importance of the equipment to the company. Soon after Andy walked out with a signed contract and full payment for a “Too Expensive” compressed air system.

Andy credits Sandler Training for helping him to get rid of ‘head trash’ a self-eliminating behavior that wasted time. These days Andy is more confident while experiencing a near 100% conversion of product quotes to contracts.

Congratulations to Andy for his VIP moment.

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