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Considering training for you or your team?


10 Things to Know Before Investing in Training

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Consider these point ...

  • Team members from the same company do not need the same training.
  • Individuals will improve at different rates from the same training.
  • Some individuals may actually respond negatively to sales training.
  • Effective sales training is not product training.
  • The most common sales pitfalls are universal across many industries.
  • Short-term training is ineffective.
  • Great salespeople make terrible trainers!
  • Revenue alone is an insufficient measure to track sales training effectiveness.
  • Management must participate in the training sessions.
  • Effective sales training is not just about technique.

What is Sandler Training

Often times I’m asked what Is Sandler Training? What do you guys do? We’re experts in sales, sales management, and strategic customer care. But today, I want to focus on sales or business development.

More about FL Sales Consultants

Lewis Fogel is a certified Sandler instructor that combines his passion for the Sandler methodology and his diverse experience. He helps individuals and firms in the South Florida area to change and implement proven processes to improve accountability, efficiency, and top-line revenue through training, coaching, and reinforcement.


Lewis is a very strong leader who has a keen eye for what is important to clients, a strong ability to motivate a sales team, and the ability to focus on key priorities. His deep experience has proven invaluable in constantly raising the performance of his team and delivering results among the top of his peer group. He is also a superb partner who is willing to entertain ideas other than his own in order to deliver the best results for the company and deliver a superior client experience.

- Steve Mark, CFA, VP, Wealth Management Product at Fidelity Investments

Who we serve

  • Sales Teams & Individual Salespeople
  • Sales Managers
  • Managers & Business Owners
  • Inside Sales & Customer Service
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Enterprise Organizations