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Hey Lew!

Maybe you can help me.

Recently an existing client referred a prospect to our firm. We scheduled a one-hour meeting that lasted over two-hours. The prospect was so impressed with what we do that he couldn’t wait to start a relationship with my firm.

When it came time to talk about the money they seemed shocked at the cost and the meeting went from “We can’t wait to get started” to “Let us think it over and see what we have in the budget.”

Since then my calls and emails go unanswered and I am totally confused. What went wrong?


Hey Lew,

I’m sick of making great presentations and not closing my fair share of them.

I dare say that I stand head and shoulders above other people at my company when it comes to product knowledge, which means when I give a demo everybody compliments me afterwards.

Here’s the problem: I too often hear “that was a great demo and we’re really interested in your product, but I’ll need to get back to you with a final answer.”

I’m stumped. What else can I do to improve my closing ration?

Sick Salesperson