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Hey Lew!

I’m struggling to get control of the conversation. Often, the prospect jumps right to price and asks me for a quick quote. They don’t want to share their problems or pains beyond the surface ones and they want to make their decision based on price. They often ignore the core qualifications of the provider, meaning me.

Lew, what can you do to help?


Hey Lew!

I hire a lot of people for my company, in particular, a lot of salespeople. But for whatever the reason, they seem to just come and go; I’ve got a revolving door going on.

Even worse yet, the bad ones seem to stick around.

What can I do?

Frustrated Business Owner

Hey Lew!

I'm frustrated and angry and I need your advice.

About 4 months ago, I changed jobs for the promise of more opportunity and a better work-life-balance. Prior to going to work for my new firm, I spent almost three years at another company. I felt like I needed a culture that fostered family values (life balance). When the search firm called, I was open to listening.

The interviews (three in person and one video) went well. When asked why I was interested in interviewing, I explained that I liked my company and our products, but not the "on call" attitude and demands that are placed on me as well as my team. I was delighted to hear that the new company understood my concerns and I was assured that their company was different. Unfortunately, I've discovered that this was not factual. As a matter of fact, my new company routinely makes promises that they don't keep.

Lew, why do companies purposely mislead new hires?


Dear Duped,

Your story unfortunately, is not so rare. As I read your letter, I could not help but remember the song "Blue Skies" written by Irving Berlin and made famous by Willie Nelson. If you're familiar with this song you will recall the opening verse:

"Nothing but blue skies are staring at me"

I suspect that you have been painted a "blue sky". As the job market has improved, employers are competing for talent. Unfortunately, some companies feel the need to paint a picture which is not entirely accurate and in some cases, outright false. Sometimes we (the new hire) have "happy ears." This means we hear what we want to hear and we don't ask questions or do more (or any) due diligence on the new company.

My suggestion is the next time you’re out interviewing and you hear these lyrics:

"I never saw the sun shinin’ so bright
Never saw things goin' so right..."

Stop and ask yourself, is someone painting a blue sky and is that all I see?

Until next time … Good Selling!