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Communicate with Confidence

Improving performance through Communication

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Can you speak confidently with anyone?

The ability to effectively relate, communicate, influence, and motivate others is a crucial skill in creating long-term relationships with customers, prospects, colleagues, and managers...and your success.

Do you struggle to . . .

  • Recognize and disarm communication "traps?"
  • Escape the "drama" triangle?
  • Communicate more effectively personally and professionally?

Helping individuals & teams to discover ...

  • The importance of verbal and non verbal communication
  • Types of communicators and how to adapt to varied styles.
  • Transactional analysis and the role ego states play in communication.
  • A personality assessment that identifies your specific communication style.
  • Discovery of your personality type and your default style of communicating with other types of personalities.
  • How to adapt and communicate to other personality types.

Which one describes you?

  • Some people can strike up a conversation with anyone.
  • Others are only comfortable with people they know.
  • Many people are intimated to approach CEO’s, people of influence, or leaders.
  • Others gravitate toward personality types like their own.

Extended DISC Assessment

What is DISC?

Extended DISC® is a self-assessment that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others. DISC creates a common language and a self-awareness to better understand ourselves and others.

Our clients use DISC with their employees to equip them with skills to modify their behavior to become more successful by:

  • Understanding how people are different
  • Developing confident self-awareness
  • Learning to identify the styles of others
  • Modifying behavior based on the other person’s style

Lewis Fogel is DISC Certified.

Let's Communicate!

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