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Communication Assessments

Extended DISC® equips employees with the skills to modify their behavior to become effective communicators.

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The value of assessments

DISC uncovers ways to improve behavior, communication and the way relationships function. It is about adapting your behavior and communication style to work best with others.

There are no good or bad profiles—all have communication styles have advantages and disadvantages

4 Styles of DISC

DISC simply predicts how our individual styles communicate, motivate, influence, interact, and work with others

  • D-style profile: Dominance

    The D-style is the most aggressive of the 4 styles. D-styles are quick, competitive, results-focused, and want to be in control. Others may see D-styles as being too forceful, blunt, and even rude.

  • I-style profile: Influence

    I-styles are the most outgoing and social of the 4 styles. They enjoy being the center of attention and interacting with others. They don’t like focusing on details or spending time alone. People perceive I-styles as friendly, enthusiastic, and animated.

  • S-style Profile: Steadiness

    S-styles are calm, steady, and the most laid back of the 4 styles. S-styles are often reserved. They like interacting with others, but they prefer doing it with people they know. S-styles like things to remain the same to avoid changes and surprises. They highly value family, friends, and their team.

  • C-style profile: Correctness

    C-styles are the most analytical of the 4 styles. C-styles focus on details, facts, information, and proof. They are comfortable working alone. Others see C-styles as rule-followers, reserved, and quiet.

Lewis Fogel is DISC Certified

Sandler and Extended DISC are strategic partners to integrate, interpret, and communicate the assessment process to organizations.