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How Much Do You Lose on Bad Hires?

Employee assessments and talent analytic tools to help employers hire smarter, develop talent and drive results by connecting individual competencies to company performance.

The Devine Group Assessments

Assessments bring the right employee together with the right company in order to execute on a common mission.

A customizable, scalable web-based tool for the analysis of individuals and teams. It gives business owners and managers a great advantage in hiring and retaining the best people, and in getting peak performance from individuals.

Extended DISC Assessment

A web-based tool to help individuals and organizations identify, understand, and promote successful behaviors. The DISC© profile allows you to better understand yourself and to find the most successful way to communicate with prospects, clients, and internal team members.

The value of assessments

Assessments should be a standard practice as a pre-hiring tool to reveal the strengths of potential candidates. Do their strengths best fit your job requirements?

For existing employees, assessments can reveal areas that may need improvement and to aid in developing a learning path.

Assessing salespeople

Salespeople play a critical role in the success of a company. Candidates may go through a series of successful interviews; you hire them, and then discover they lack the motivation and initiative to generate business. A costly mistake.