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Virtual & Online Solutions

Sandler virtual & on-line solutions stand alone and complement instructor-led classes for optimal results. Learn more about our training delivery options.

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Sandler Online Sales Program

New - Sandler Online and Virtual Training Programs

Combine self-study courses with live virtual training sessions to maximize the learning and get feedback from our certified trainers. Live, one-hour web broadcasts are held each Monday on different sales and leaderships topic. Choose the track that fits your needs
to accelerate your growth curve.

Sandler Foundations combined with the SalesMastery program is unlike any sales training you have ever seen. The revolutionary Sandler Selling System and reinforcement training process, delivered by certified professional trainers, have made Sandler synonymous with sales success.

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The first Monday of each Month

Sandler Sales Mastery Virtual Training

Many of the roadblocks that prevent salespeople from closing more business and closing it at the margins they want are usually manifestations of problems that started much earlier in the business development process. In this course, you will learn about the Sandler Selling System and the psychological and communication theories on which it is based. You will learn why people buy, and how you can sell more and sell more easily.

Second Monday of Each Month

Sandler Strategic Management Virtual Training

If you want a better sales team or better results from your existing team, you must first become a better manager. In this course, you will learn how to recruit, interview, and identify top performers, and the psychological understanding of your team that will put you in a position to change behavior, change attitudes, and increase productivity. You will also learn how to stage effective meetings, manage work relationships, and how to spend your time in leadership roles.

Third Monday of Each Month

Sandler Enterprise Selling Virtual Training

When compared to selling to small and medium-sized companies, enterprise accounts present vastly different scenarios. Extended sales cycles, wide buyer networks and complicated decision structures are just a few of the unique challenges faced by sales teams in dealing with large, complex organizations. With our Sandler Enterprise Selling program, we’ve taken everything that’s made our training so effective and elevated it to address the needs of teams selling to enterprise accounts. In this course, you’ll learn this highly strategic system that will help you win business with profitable enterprise clients, serve them effectively and expand
the relationships over time.

Fourth Monday of Each Month

Sandler Coach's Playbook Virtual Training

An effective coach has to figure out how to unlock the performance code of each individual on the team, which includes dealing with self-limiting beliefs, building trust, and creating lasting behavioral change. In this course, you will learn Sandler’s process for coaching and how to use it as an ongoing development tool for your team. You will learn how to understand your team’s individual needs, influence performance, and develop a coach’s mindset.

Maximize your investment in sales and management training with additional reinforcement 24/7.