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What is Sandler Training?

Lewis Fogel discusses how he works with individuals and businesses to address the daily challenges of creating a sales driven organization.

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What is Sandler training all about?

It's about reinforcement training. Our clients participate in ongoing training that keeps them at the top of their field and accountable to their goals. It's about understanding the behaviors, attitudes and techniques that lead sales professionals, professional service providers, customer service teams, managers, and executives to unparalleled success.

Short Term Training; Short Term Results

Sales Mastery

If you or your salespeople are struggling, you may be thinking of a few days of sales training. At Sandler, we believe that short-term sales training is good for one thing; short-term results.

One day of sales training won't lead to a significant increase in sales. The Sandler Sales Mastery Program is attended by motivated sales professionals that meet weekly. We combine instructor-led training with Sandler online reinforcement, and instructor coaching. 

Connect personal & company goals

Sales Management Program

Sandler Training enables sales managers to consistently succeed as a mentor, coach, trainer, and supervisor. We’ll enable you to develop customized processes for setting and implementing expectations, holding salespeople accountable, and gaining buy-in from your team. Learn to uncover and develop each sales person's personal motivation to hit their targets and you can connect them to the company’s shared plans and goals.

Management training is about building people who build people.

excellence is a direction not a destination

Leadership for Organizational Excellence

At Sandler, we believe that excellence is a direction not a destination for the out entrepreneur clients. Leadership for Organizational Excellence identifies blind spots through the development and implementation of their company's long-term growth plans. This program has been tested and proven in multiple industries. Like all of Sandler’s reinforcement training programs, it works because it's a sequential, repeating process.

Overcome sales reluctance

Business Development for Professional Services

Professionals such as accountants, architects, attorneys, consultants, engineers, financial advisors, and medical practitioners all want to grow their practices. Many are uncomfortable with the idea of selling themselves and their services. Sandler's Professional Advantage Program offers a proven, refined approach that complements their diagnostic, creative, analytical, and consultative personalities and communication styles. Overcoming sales reluctance using a proven methodology of behaviors, attitudes, and techniques will result in developing a larger client base.

Are you missing up-selling opportunities?

Strategic Customer Care

Your customer service team plays a crucial role in building rapport and improving your client retention rate. However, your team may be scratching the surface on opportunities. What would it mean to your top-line revenue if they dug deeper into the customer’s issue proposing an upsell or cross-sell? Sandler’s Strategic Customer Care Program gives them the confidence and tools to build the behaviors that result in increased revenue, stronger relationships, and customer loyalty.

Discover a 7-Step process

Tired of hearing "I'll think it over?"

I invite sales professionals, business owners, presidents, CEOs, and leaders who are serious about achieving sales growth to join us for an executive briefing.

These workshops will challenge your beliefs about professional selling. You'll learn our seven-step system for successful selling and advanced sales strategies that enable salespeople to quickly and consistently identify, qualify, develop, and close more sales opportunities.


Sales Tips with Lewis Fogel

Are you looking to be a high-producing salesperson? Sandler Training is a methodology combining attitudes, behaviors, and techniques. The 7-step process guides you through each sales phase so you know where you are and what to do next resulting into close the business.

What are people saying about Sandler trainer, Lewis Fogel

Clients share their stories of how Lewis Fogel and the Sandler Training methodology has helped their business.

Your company depends & survives on its sales number

Take charge of your sales by implementing a selling system.

Your Company Depends & Survives on its Sales Numbers

To take charge of your sales, you need to have a process and know what's happening each step of the way.

Ask Lew! Struggling to control the sales conversation?

Often, the prospect jumps right to price and asks me for a quick quote. They don’t want to share their problems or pains beyond the surface ones and they want to make their decision based on price.

Ask Lew! How to help a struggling salesperson?

As a sales manager, how to you handle a salesperson that has a follow up problem & project retention? Ask Lew!

Ask Lew! When the prospects says "Let me think it over."

The prospect was impressed with what we do and was anxious to start a relationship with my firm. But when price can up, they went from excited to get started to "Let us think it over and see what we have in the budget."

Ask Lew! I have a revolving door of salespeople.

I hire a lot of salespeople. But for whatever the reason, they seem to just come and go; I’ve got a revolving door going on. Even worse yet, the bad ones seem to stick around.

Ask Lew! How do get into companies with established vendors?

After being out in the field for nearly two months, one of the main objections I’m hearing is they’ve been using the same vendor for 20+ years and they see no reason to change.

Without giving away my product for free, how can I find a way into these companies?

Use a proven selling system

Are you using a traditional selling system…the prospect’s system? Maybe it's time you changed.